Improve your child’s studying skills and score A* Distinction in PSLE. Punggol tutor Ms Yuet Ling +65 82226327 teaches how to be a better effective student in this blog post: team work. Here’s a review of what we do during our holidays with our students building team spirit and confidence.

Punggol tutor Yuet Ling takes care of me… all the time. edukate PSLE student attends Holiday Programme for Holistic Development, Empowerment and Team Building

With everything in life, great things occur when we band together and contribute to a central cause as a group. Teamwork creates a synergy that can lead to success where individuals would have failed or took too long to achieve. However, low teamwork skills and techniques leads to ineffective friction between members and does more harm than good.

So how does my child be good at teamwork? How to study better by having a good attitude towards team work? How to work within a team and instil workplace practices in your child.


  • Choose a good team. Members in a team can synergise each other, or destroy each other. Pick members that you can work with. Be positive and have a reasonable expectation of your team.
  • Pick a leader, or be a good team leader. Take charge and make decisions with a firm action plan. Never lose sight of the final objectives of the project.
  • Make lists of to-do’s. Focus on priorities to manage time properly.
  • Contribute and delegate work fairly within the team and make sure team members follow through on their responsibilities. Take in strengths of members’ skills when delegating roles.
  • Communication skills should be key to strong team bonds and understanding roles and work that each members are to carry out. Listen. Understand each other. Issues will appear, as long as its diffused in time and everyone continues with the right attitude.
  • Compromise with each team member. Everyone has an idea and a plan. Not everyone will have the same plan so its essential to make compromises within the team and come up with a good plan that is agreeable to every team member. Once everyone is on the same page, the project will move in the same direction and things will be done faster.

So get your child together with a group of friends and task them to finish some work or ask them to finish their homework together. Here’s what can happen, your child:

  • learns different ways to do the same sum
  • learns to think faster to come up with a solution
  • learns that not everyone studies at the same pace and its ok to do so
  •  learns to be an important and useful cog that makes it all work
  • feels competitive, useful, confident and find ways to contribute as a team
  • finishes the job and have fun doing it with friends
Teamwork training at eduKate. The first step is the hardest, but its all worth it. student’s learn how to trust each other, taking care of each other and being responsible in a critical safety situation. eduKate builds students characters, and we definitely aren’t your run-of-the-mill tuition centres.
Punggol Tutor for A Maths Top tutor RJC ACJC Singapore VJC TPJC SAJC eduKate Tuition Centre Singapore Punggol Prive Tampines MOE SEAB PSLE Syllabus 2015 IGCSE GCE O’ levels English Maths and Science IB IP Programme Marina Bay UWCSEA singapore tampines marina bay punggol
Punggol Tuition Centre Small Group English Math Science Tutor
Yuet Ling in Melbourne CBD touring the City, Australia.
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Tutor Yuet Ling LV Takashimaya. SGP.
punggol english maths science primary PSLE O level tuition small group
Tutor Yuet Ling in Melbourne, Australia. Primary English PSLE Tuition Programme.
Punggol Primary PSLE Tuition English Math Science Small Group Tutor
Tutor Yuet Ling in Melbourne, Australia. Those plants are amazing looking.
Punggol tutor English Math Science Small Group Best Tutor
Tutor Yuet Ling on holiday in Melbourne Australia, Torquay Beach breakfast

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