MOE 2015 syllabus- developing a 21st Century Singaporean child (Part1)

Hello Parents,

This is eduKate Singapore Tuition Centre’s Child Development Technology for our English, Maths and Science tutorial classes for primary and secondary tutorial classes.

In line with the MOE’s 2015 English Syllabus, we have been developing new structures to teach students to develop them into 21st Century individuals that are gregarious, intelligent and exceptional.

Below is a list that we keep in mind when we teach our students, and also for all parents that are looking to teach a child to be a successful Singaporean in the 21st Century.

Checklist for a 21st Century Singaporean Student:

Personal Development-

Confidence, survival, and being a matured individual in Singapore

  • International confidence and knowledge
  • engage in multiple social circles and networks
  • have self discipline
  • a healthy self confidence
  • set goals
  • meet deadlines and complete goals
  • work effectively with mounting pressure
  • be flexible when approached with problems
  • be optimistic and respond healthily to changes
  • appreciate environmental issues
  • engage critical thinking and be assertive
  • look for help when required
  • be polite and socially savvy
  • agree/disagree commandingly
  • take calculated risks intelligently
  • ability to balance study/work/family/play time
  • ability to build/manage a home and family
  • exercise, eat healthy, and rejuvenate oneself
  •  make and keep  to appointments
  • learn first aid
  • ability to travel overseas by themselves
UWCSEA Student attending IGCSE Math Year 7 class at eduKate Sg Tuition Centre
UWCSEA Student attending IGCSE Math Year 7 class at eduKate Sg Tuition Centre

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